Journees at TOHU

FROM SEPT. 30 TO OCT. 2 – The journées de la culture is truly a back-to-school must at TOHU. This year, discover the creative process of DynamO Théâtre, take part in circus workshops and clown arts, learn about the 7 doigts’ show Réversible at a lunchtime talk, or let your imagination run wild during the…


Journees at the Esplanade

ON OCT. 2 – Les Jardineries en collaboration avec le Théâtre de la dame de cœur 13 h à 13 h 15 : Déambulation de marionnettes dans le public. Activités d’échange enfant-marionnette. 13 h 15 à 13 h 45 : Spectacle de marionnettes géantes Max et Rocco suivi d’une rencontre avec le public. 14 h…


Shaughnessy House Rebooted

ON OCT. 2 – Join us as the CCA’s Victorian centrepiece is transformed through interactive installations that redefine its physical boundaries. Created by Montreal media artists, these immersive environments respond to the digital nature of the projects featured in the exhibition Archaeology of the Digital: Complexity and Convention. How do digital tools modify our perception…


Redpath Film Series – “Oceans”

ON OCT. 2 – Oceans (France, 2011): Shot over four years, reveals inspiring and challenging footage of extinct or endangered marine species around the world. In the Hodgson Seminar Room (2nd floor, room 200) OR in Auditorium, depending on availability. All films start at 3 PM More info at


Free concert: Broadway Boogie-Woogie

ON SEPT. 30 – The Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) starts off 50th year with a bang, in a unique event – Broadway Boogie-Woogie – featuring brass instruments dancing and voices swirling, celebrating culture in all its forms! This free major concert, taking place on Friday, September 30th at salle Pierre-Mercure revisits symbolic…


MotC Family Nature Club

ON OCT. 1 – With your digital camera (or cell phone camera) in hand, see how many of the items on the scavenger hunt list you can find. Many items will require some creativity and imagination. We will meet at the cenotaph in the the lower part of the park, take a short stroll in…