• Mtl en Arts

    ON JUNE 28 TO JULY 2 – This major outdoor event invites visitors to meet more than 160 artists from various disciplines through a host of activities: major outdoor expo-sale…

    GUEPE Nature Outings

    ON JULY 1 & 2 – This weekend, the fine folks at GUEPE (Groupe uni des éducateurs et professionels en environnement) want you to join them to learn about nature….

    Avudo is a Magical 30 Minutes

    The saying that “You get what you pay for” is almost always a fact, but in the case of Avudo, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The audio-visual spectacle…

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    “Les Giants” Visit

    I got a quick glimpse of Les Giants, in this case The Little Girl, from the office window this afternoon. They’ll be ambling through Montreal this weekend (May 19 –…

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