Help Support Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre! (Please?)

Every year, Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre has been providing Shakespeare in the Park across the city, entertaining people who may otherwise not be exposed to the Baird’s work. Their interpretation and acting in the relaxing atmosphere of a local park makes for a wonderful evening – and maybe new Shakespeare fans.

Alas, without proper funding, the theatre group can’t do what they love to do: produce great plays, so they are appealing for help in raising those funds.

There are two ways you can give money (well, three, if you count just donating it!)

On June 3, Repercussion Theatre is proud to present a fantastic array of items for auction. Our list includes many exclusive and one-of-a-kind items. All items will be up for auction at our annual fundraiser.

Be sure to check back at their website before June 3 “as exciting new items and photos will be listed frequently,” they say.

You can also:

Buy a ticket. Help save Juliet’s balcony!

May 15, 2010
Budget woes are forcing us to take drastic measures. Repercussion needs to raise $5,000 (through sponsorships, donations, show sales, ad sales or our fundraiser’s TICKET SALES) within the next two weeks, or will be forced to reduce our production costs. And that means, among other things, cutting out the balcony for Juliet from this summer’s production of Romeo and Juliet! Fingers are crossed that we will find a way!

Stay tuned to learn more about Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre.