Geordie’s “School Tour” Plays come to Montreal

Finalwhisper4-copy-238x238This Saturday, February 9, Geordie Productions invites you to enjoy their productions of Whispers in the Air (geared towards elementary school kids), and Jabber, (for the high school / CEGEP crowd).

Whispers in the Air, by Atilla Clemen, will be performed at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM and is a “heartwarming story about communication and finding your voice”. With both actors and puppeteers on stage, the play tells a story of a troubled young boy befriending the famous Marconi as the inventor perfects the telegraph in 1901 Newfoundland. Read more at

Jabber, by Marcus Youssef, is being performed at 7:30 PM and tackles the “cultural laboratory of our schools where, unlike almost anywhere, people of all histories and backgrounds are thrown together, and where young people of all kinds must learn about what they believe in.” The story revolves around three characters –  a school guidance counselor and the two young people with very different issues who must deal with their feelings for each other. Read more at

Both plays are being performed at Geordie’s home base at 453 St. Francois-Xavier in Old Montreal, and admission is $10 + taxes. For more information, to pre-purchase tickets, or to inquire about these plays being brought to your school, visit