Underground Art in Montreal

Starting on March 2 and running through to the 17th, 2013, Montreal’s very own quirky Art Sousterrain fest/exhibit/fair/experience (?!) takes the bite out of the last days of winter.

Over 7 kilometers of visual and performance art, as well as conferences and activities, are on offer in the labyrinth of underground tunnels, malls and metro stations.

Isa Tousignant of The Montreal Buzz put together a short list of must-sees which includes La Voie Lactée (the Milky Way) in Zone 1 at Place des Arts, Le Pendule (the Pendulum) at Complexe Desjardins Zone 2, Mémoire en cours (Memories in the making) in Zone 4 at Palais des Congres, Postes de travail familial (Family work stations) in Zone 6 at the Tour de la Bourse, and Pazzazz at the CDP Capital Centre, in Zone 7.

Get the map, full schedule and iPhone app audio guide at http://www.artsouterrain.com/en/home/