Camp Amy Molson

Just a little less than a year ago, our little girl was preparing for her first experience at a sleep-away camp. She was so excited and eager to go – she’d been begging for the experience for a couple of summers already. While our concern as parents as to whether she was really ready to spend 2 weeks away factored into her not been sent previously, the truth is that she probably would not have even been going last summer had we not discovered Camp Amy Molson. We just didn’t have the budget other camps were demanding.

Camp Amy Molson is situated just at the Ontario border (near Hawkesbury) and welcomes girls and boys from ages 5 to 13 to spend 15 days of summer fun and activities. The camp has all the great features that you would expect from any other regular summer camp – 180 acres with hiking trails, a swimming pool, a lake with boating, a river with a waterfall, chilly showers, communal dining and creaky cabins.


What makes Camp Amy Molson different from others is not the 1:3 ratio of staff to campers, the standards of self-esteem building and positive respect for others, or the commitment to providing city kids with a safe and fun outdoor experience. What sets C.A.M. apart is they make those elements their mission, and will work with parents with limited financial resources to make it possible for every kid to have these nurturing experiences.

Admittedly, we had some reservations about the facilities and the other campers  – what sort of “inner-city” youth would our little girl be among?! However, a day visit to the camp (an opportunity open to all parents) where we were able to tour the grounds, meet the staff, and be amongst other kids who were looking forward to their first time put all those concerns to bed. We sent our 10-year-old off to camp and were only worried about her getting homesick.


Two weeks later, dear daughter returns with stories which she was still recounting through the winter, friends with whom she still keeps in touch today, and an enthusiasm to do TWO sessions of 15 days this year! Homesick? Never.

To all parents who would like to give fun and rewarding experience of a time spent at sleep-away camp, but find the thousands of dollars some camps charge to be simply unfeasible, we personally recommend you get in touch with Camp Amy Molson to discover that camping might not have to remain a dream.

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