2013 Mosaiculture at the Botanical Gardens

As you likely know, Montreal on the Cheap is all about promoting family fun in Montreal without costing you much. The current Mosaiculture exhibition at the Montreal Botanical Gardens only meets two of those three criteria, but we were so impressed during our recent visit (on their open house for Access Montreal card holders) that we chose to give it a write-up and let you decide if the cost is worth it to you.

First, the exhibition is…

Four million flowers, extraordinary living sculptures and a stunning horticultural display in the heart of the Botanical Garden — that is what awaits you at the Mosaïcultures Internationales® event, coming to Montréal once again this summer!

Some 50 works will grace the 2.2 km circuit through the enchanting grounds of the Botanical Garden. Working based on the theme of Land of Hope, 250 of the world’s most talented horticultural artists are due to take part in this international competition, representing 25 countries.

Having never been to any of the previous 4 Mosaiculture International exhibits that the Botanical Gardens has hosted, we don’t really have a point of comparison to say how this incarnation stacks up. However, the wide eyes, open mouths and incessant camera clicking that was characteristic of the crowds during our visit suggest that this is something special.

Rather than try to use meagre words to describe the floral artistry that awaits you, we’ll let our photos speak for themselves.

[nggallery id=4] In regards to practical information, our tips are as follows:

  1. Bring snacks / food. There are many places  on the grounds to refill a water bottle, but you’ll be happy to pick a shady oasis to enjoy a picnic break during your visit.
  2. Be prepared, it’s a 2KM walking tour. If you have young ones, the trek will soon overshadow the wonder so bring a stroller, or be open to stopping to feed ducks, resting under trees, trying to catch frogs, or picnicking (see point above).
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen.
  4. Don’t be shy to ask the groundspeople watering the displays to give you a little cooling sprinkle too. They seemed to be happy to oblige our little ones.

The exhibition runs until September 29, 2013. Tickets for a family of 4 or 5 Quebec residents is $70, and sadly, cardholders of Friends of the Botanical Gardens do not get free access to the exhibition.

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  1. LOIS
    LOIS 4 years ago .

    OMG,,,how it has changed since I was a child…my
    grandpa once showed his prize poses there. lol LOIS

  2. Martin
    Martin 4 years ago .

    It is definitely something to see. Hope you managed to catch it this year.

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