• Got a Family? Support the Impact!

    In the summer of 2013 I took my daughter to our first Montreal Impact game. At the time, she was in a summer soccer camp and wanted to see how the pros played. That game, against Houston, was a shut-out with Montreal winning 5-0.

    Within a couple of weeks, I had tickets for a second game and had convinced my wife, son, and two friends and their families to join us. I might mention – I’m not a soccer fan.

    Then last winter, those two friends and I decided to split season’s passes for us and our kids for the 2014 Summer, giving us each 6 games to attend through the season!

    Why? Let me enumerate:

    1. Great vibe and super fans. From the booming of the aluminum floor plates under thousands of feet to the non-stop singing, chanting, and clapping, the vibe at Saputo Stadium is completely infectious.
    2. Beautiful stadium. Admittedly, I haven’t visited too many stadiums, but the home of the Impact is clean, spacious, airy, well-laid-out, well-lit and who can ignore the oddly attractive tower looming over the game?
    3. Family Section. Buy tickets for you and the kids in the family section and you will not only be treated to a great selection of seats with an excellent view of the game, (not to mention being in a very family-friendly environment), but you might also appreciate
      1. free concierge service providing seat pads, towels and rain smocks
      2. face-painting
      3. soccer-themed games and animations
      4. dedicated snack and drink counter
      5. other amusements
    4. Affordable pro-sporting event. Affordable is what MotC is all about, but when it comes to attending a pro-sport event in this city (never mind going as a family!), the word “affordable” is not applicable.
      A Habs match? HAH!
      The Alouettes? Better, but still darn pricey.
      The F1? Nope.
      But an Impact game? At $33 for an adult ticket and less than $20 per kid (in the family zone), we’ll consider that affordable. With our season’s passes, we are attending games with our kids at less than $40 per game, total!

    Catching some professional soccer and having a great time making lasting memories without sacrificing this month’s rent is what to expect when you go to see the Montreal Impact. Unexpected side effects? You just might become a soccer fan!