• Girl Guides: A Way to Do It All!

    The beginning of the school year is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about extracurricular activities. There’s so much to pick from: soccer, dance, gymnastics, skating, hockey, language classes, robotics, and the list goes on. How can anyone possibly be expected to choose?

    What if I told you there is one activity where girls can do it all? When girls join Girl Guides, they’re signing up for a jam-packed diverse program that will enable them to be confident and resourceful, gain leadership skills and make a difference in the world.

    Unlike many after-school activities where the focus is determined by those in charge, Girl Guide programming is girl-centred to its core. Guiding provides a safe environment for girls to explore whatever they are passionate about, to set goals, develop their unique skills and abilities and make friends along the way.

    One week girls might be baking dog treats for an animal shelter, the next week they could be writing pen pal letters to Girl Guides in Peru and the following week they could be learning how to change a tire. There is no such thing as a typical meeting, but topics may include camping, nature and the outdoors, science, community engagement, leadership skills, girl empowerment, life skills, travel and global citizenship, active living, personal growth and so much more.


    Best of all, girls can try out two meetings for FREE. Visit guidesquebec.ca and click on Unit Finder to locate a unit near you! We welcome girls ages 5-17 and are always on the look-out for volunteers!

     – Article and images provided by the Girl Guides of Canada.