• Montreal En Lumiere

    FROM FEB. 23 TO MARCH 11 – MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, an annual celebration registering 1,300,000 festival site visits from fans experiencing the joy of Montreal wintertime through a unique program combining performing arts, gastronomy, free outdoor family activities, and a full night of exquisitely original discoveries!

    The MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE outdoor site offers a multitude of free activities for all. During the festival, the Quartier des spectacles and its Place des Festivals—the headquarters of downtown celebrations—become THE essential winter destination.

    • An extraordinary program circuit of interactive and luminous works: Illuminart
    • Activities for all ages: slides, the Ferris wheel, the Zipline, curling…
    • Free shows
    • Food kiosks for gourmet pit stops

    The wildest night of the year

    It’s the event that draws the most people in a single day all year on the Montreal event calendar! The Nuit blanche means 350,000 visits through the evening hours, and more than 200 activities—most of them free—and connected by a free shuttle service. Discover the city in another… light!

    • 350,000 nighthawks
    • 217 activities spread out over 140 sites, 3 quartiers and 2 pôles
    • 75,000 visitors to Art souterrain—a 7 km circuit with 107 contemporary art projects

    More info at http://www.montrealenlumiere.com/en