• Redpath Freaky Fridays – Spineless wonders: The amazing world of invertebrates

    ON MAR.10 – Once every month (or so), the smart McGill University scientists host an informal “Freaky Friday” at the Redpath Museum on campus. These inexpensive, public lectures explore the myths surrounding today’s science news topics and bust them with reality and fact.

    Keeping things fun and light, the lectures are typically followed by a popular film or event which is in some way related to the topic of the evening.

    This Friday, March 10, the topic is Spineless wonders: The amazing world of invertebrates – Bugs, slugs, and worms don’t get much love or respect but they are fascinating animals who also happen to make up over half of all species on the planet. Find out about animals who use jet propulsion, who make do without a brain, can see invisible things, and use hydraulics to subdue their prey. Predatory snails! Colourful sea slugs! Giant ancient sea scorpions! Animals without backbones are beautiful, diverse, and deeply interesting.

    This Freaky Friday starts with a presentation by Torsten Bernhardt (Biology, McGill) about the world of spinelessness. It will be followed by a tasting of some invertebrate snacks, wine and beer.

    The lecture runs from 5pm to 8 pm. From experience, we recommend these events as being for 12 years and up.

    The Redpath Museum is located at:
    859 Sherbrooke Street W
    Metro McGill/Peel

    More info at https://secureweb.mcgill.ca/redpath/whatson/freakyfridays