• 24 Hours of Science

    ON MAY 12 AND 13 – 24 hours of science is a day of science and technology that caters to audiences of all ages (children, teenagers, young adults, families, seniors, etc.). The event starts on Friday at noon and ends 24 hours later, which leaves room for evening and night activities!

    On the program: animation, visits to the labs, conferences, science bars, scientific competitions, films and several special events. The activities cover many scientific fields: biology, health, astronomy, natural sciences, engineering, environment, etc. There is something for every taste!

    The idea behind this major event is to encourage meetings between researchers and the general public, stimulate the general interest in science and technology, and promote scientific careers for young people.

    To browse the events in and around Montreal, go to the 24 Hours of Science Program Page and look for something that interests you. Although the page (and the results page) are in French, many activities are bilingual… just look in the descriptions.