• Free Museums Day

    ON MAY 28 – “Once upon a time…”: a Museum rally for Montréal’s 375th anniversary

    May 28 is the traditional Montréal Museums Day, when 43 museums throw their doors open for the public to enjoy their wealth of exhibitions and activities. For this 375th anniversary edition, we’re offering a museum rally: 43 unusual objects, telling little-known stories about our city. Look for these historical curiosities – they’re marked with a “Musée MTL” sticker next to them. Guaranteed fun! On your own or with a partner or your family or friends… Which one will be your favourite? Enter our contest!

    On this 375th anniversary, our museums are celebrating Montréal’s memories and creativity. There’s something for every taste, from history to art, science, archaeology, fashion, nature, film and music. And come soak up the festive atmosphere on the promenade des Artistes, the starting point for STM shuttles, with its historical figures, music and art.

    Expect long lines of up to an hour at many of the destinations, so plan ahead. Bring snacks, water, sunscreen and amusements for time spent in line-ups, and plan your itinerary in advance to minimize delays.

    More info and participating museums list at http://museesmontreal.org/en/museums-day/programmation