• The Giants

    ON MAY 19 TO 21 – The Giants have answered the grand invitation from Montréal’s 375th to visit our city and fill us with wonder.

    They bring together the small and the fantastically big, the world of yesterday and the city of today, America and Europe. They will wind their way through the city streets, voyage across the river, move among passersby. Their heavy steps will strike our imaginations, and their gentle nature will touch our hearts. With eyes lifted skyward, Montrealers will experience a very first: watching the epic journey of the Royal de Luxe Giants.

    When they awake, Montréalers will be able to watch them explore the city, and see the tender beauty of these grandiose beings come to life. Over the course of several days, Montréal will become the stage for this one-of-kind encounter between Montrealers and visitors and these colossal, exquisite creatures.

    More info at http://www.375mtl.com/en/programming/les-geants-la-grande-invitation-36/