• Fete Nationale around the Island

    ON JUNE 23 & 24 – Celebrations occur over two days. The big show is presented in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles on the evening of June 23, and the parade takes place the following afternoon.

    The Grande Spectacle

    For those who really want to immerse themselves in the festivities, the details of the BIG PARTY are as follows:

    • Presented at the Place des Festivals in the Quartier des spectacles at 21h on the evening of June 23rd, the 2017 edition of the Grand spectacle de Montréal will host two monuments of French-language music: Robert Charlebois and Claude Dubois. Talented Philippe Brach, Charlotte Cardin, Patrice Michaud, Émily Bégin, Gardy Fury, La Bronze, Shauit and Alaclair together. These voices from all walks of life will be gathered to celebrate with pride the liveliness of our Quebec.
    • The rue Saint-Denis will be hosting this year’s traditional National Day Parade, entitled Once Upon a Time …, which will take off on Saturday, June 24, starting at 1 pm. This family celebration will take place over a distance of 2.4 km, from Boucher Street (north of Laurier Avenue) to De Rigaud Street (north of Sherbrooke Street).

    At a park near you

    For those who would rather stay local (and in their comfort zones), the Fete de Quartier site has a great page of all the various borough fun. Some notable parties that include fireworks:

    • DollardJune 23 at Park Dollard-des-Ormeaux
    • Laval: June 23 at Park du Moulin
    • Pointe Claire: June 24 at Parc Bourgeau
    • Centre-Sud: June 24 at comite sociale Centre-Sud

    NOTE that the above list is not everything happening. Consult the full list at http://fetesdequartier.com/

    Also, for some reason the party in Westmount is not listed on the official site, so you’ll have to get the details for that one on Westmount’s event page.