• Montreal Circus Festival

    JULY 6 TO 16 – Now a regular feature of the city’s festival season, the Montreal Circus Festival (Montréal Complètement Cirque), “aims to highlight the talent of our homegrown artists while creating spaces where the most talented representatives of the circus world will meet.”

    In honor of to the city’s 375th anniversary festivities, it promises several new elements, including an encounter with digital arts, numerous events, some of which will continue beyond the eleven-day Festival—for the whole month of July!

    Running in 2017 from July 6 to 16, the festival offers performances at venues across the island. Like every other summer festival in this city, the Circus Festival’s programming is comprised of indoor shows charging admission, and free outdoor shows. A big draw looks to be the Quartiers des Spectacles, which boasts 53 free outdoor acts over 11 days. 

    More info and show times at https://montrealcompletementcirque.com/en/