• scaveNDGers

    ON AUG. 13 TO 20 – Explore : Discover : Create : Share!

    The ScaveNDGers project—part of the official programming for Montreal’s 375th anniversary—is a neighborhood scavenger hunt and interactive multimedia exhibit.

    “Expedition” participants will register to take part in a week-long mission to accomplish a number of creative and engaging neighbourhood-oriented tasks, sharing their discoveries via social media. The entire community will then be able to view and interact with a temporary exhibit at the NDG Cultural Center that showcases the completed tasks/projects in the form of photographs, videos, oral presentations/audio, and artwork.

    Visitors will also have the opportunity to complete a shorter ScaveNDGer hunt in the NDG Loyola district, while exploring the discoveries of other residents and seeing their own photos and videos shared in real-time.

    More info at http://en.tresorsndg.com/