• CCA Culture Days

    ON OCT. 1 – Drop in all day long for two very different family activities: engage child experts to manage construction sites in Montreal, and explore drawing through mirrors.

    3-1-1 and a Half: A collection of Problems

    In Montreal, construction is a big part of our everyday life. Unexpected detours, endless noise, chaotic streets, dangerous intersections—you know the list. Watch very short films where our child experts deal with construction problems and file your complaint as a text or drawing. We will pass it on to young architects who will develop a creative response for you. For ages 7 to 12.

    Mirror Drawing

    Come reflect on the concepts presented in our exhibition Mirrors / Miroirs by echoing one of the featured projects in our hall cases at a super-sized scale. Arrayed on the floor around a mirrored column, participants will make warped drawings which should appear ‘normal’ when seen through the proverbial looking glass. By playing with visual perception and optics, this room-sized drawing will throw participants into an imagined and imaginative space. For all ages.

    More info at http://www.cca.qc.ca/en/events/51510/journee-de-la-culture