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    How to contribute your content to Montreal on the Cheap.

    Editorial and Events

    However enthusiastic and vigilant, the limited staff at Montreal on the Cheap are only human and are certain to miss many worthy events and opportunities. This is why we strongly encourage all our readers to feel free to tip us off to things that are happening in and around Montreal.

    Before bringing your event or story to our attention, please familiarize yourself with our editorial guidelines…

    • Affordable Ideally, this means the event is free, but if not, our rule of thumb is that the event should be priced at around $10 per participant or less.
    • Family-Friendly Generally means kids are welcome, but more than that, if the event includes alcohol, age-inappropriate violence, or lacks stuff that kids would find fun and entertaining, then chances are it won’t get published.
    • Inclusive MotC will not promote events that restrict participation due to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or faith (or lack thereof). On rare occasions, the editor may make an exception, but don’t count on it. We might also be reluctant to promote events that are inclusive in intention, but can reasonably be seen to only cater to, appeal to or attract a single distinct audience.
    • Length & Format Montreal on the Cheap is non a long-form news site, so there’s no need to stress about creating a tome. A few paragraphs that cover the “what”, “when”, “where” (and perhaps “why”) is sufficient. Oh, and a picture or two is nice also.

    Promotions and Advertising

    The Montreal on the Cheap web site is open to various business relationships, including advertising.

    As of February, 2017, our web site attracts in the range of 2,000 visitors per week, (80% returning), the majority of whom are in the 25 to 40 age demographic. With our Facebook page having almost 900 fans and our additional Twitter followers, Google+ readers, and weekly newsletter subscribers, promoting your product or service on MotC is certainly worth considering.

    If you would like to offer special deals to MotC readers, enlist a review, underwrite a post, or sponsor a contest, please don’t hesitate to contact us.