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2014 Earth Day at CCA

Although this year’s Earth day falls on Tuesday, April 22 (or perhaps because of it), the Canadian Center for Architecture is hosting their Earth Day activities on Sunday, April 20….


Place Wellington Maple Grove 2014

For those Montrealers unable to make it out of the city for the unofficial annual Quebec Spring ritual known as “sugaring off”, this may be your lucky year. This weekend,…


Winter Fun & Fests, 2014

Quebec seems to stand unique amongst provinces in regards to how it takes advantage of what most people might consider the “hibernating months” of Winter. The regions mountains lead to…


Montreal Holiday Parades & Festivities for 2013

Montreal is a city that loves to have fun, and any excuse will do. That spirit is not dampened by the snow, slush or sub-zero temperatures. Below is our directory…

Westmount Artisans Fest

This weekend, November 9 and 10, from 10 AM to 5 PM you are invited to Victoria Hall in Westmount to view the creations of dozens of local artisans. Their…


Montreal Area Fall Fairs & Bazaars, 2013

Apologies to all for the late publication. We hope we haven’t necessitated any last minute changes to anyone’s plans. The Montreal Gazette annually publishes a Fall Fairs, Bazaars, Craft Shows,…